Wet Plate Collodion Photography

One of the many photographic techniques Andy Brown uses in his work is the making of Ferrotypes, also know as Tintypes. Tintypes were a predecessor to the very first photographic medium the Daguerreotype. The process was first described by Adolphe-Alexandre Martin in France in 1853. In the tintype process, collodion is poured onto sheets of metal which are then made light sensitive by being dipped into silver nitrate. The plates are then exposed to the subject and developed immediately to create a beautifully fragile photograph, with a nostalgic vintage appearance. This process is virtually obsolete in Korea, meaning that Andy has to make the required solutions himself. This is done by mixing the raw chemicals following recipes from the 1850s. This is a fascinating part of the process, slowing down the modern world to create these unique and original images.